About Jenny Jenner

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I’m Jenny Jenner and am based in the seaside town of Brighton, UK and live with my partner of 45 years. We have two grown up daughters and three wonderful young/teenage! grandsons … (up-date 2022).


Focussing on the best in people, and life

Ever since a child I have always looked for the best in people. Totally passionate and committed, encouraging and holding space for others to grow, and realise their dreams.

I believe in, and have also experienced miracles. Following a period of intense and ongoing trauma in my own life,  I decided to ‘get a degree in how to help myself’,  which resulted in becoming a Master practitioner of NLP in 2001. Since then moving onward and upward to gain other ‘degrees’, which have allowed me to use a variety of skills, to include humour and laughter!  Plus, and very importantly my own vast life experiences to help many others transform their lives.  See testimonials.

Letting go of Pain and suffering …

If you are feeling stuck, procrastinating, lacking in self-esteem or confidence, anxious, sad, depressed, fearful, overly stressed?  Or you feel you just can’t cope on your own any longer with your Work-Life Balance, or balance in any area of your life! call me for a free discovery session.  I will really listen to you and then help you to achieve the results you are looking for in your life.

I am also a graduate of  leading NLP and coach training providers:

  • ITS (International Teaching Seminars) which are one of a very few NLP Coach training companies accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Strategic Intervention Coaching (trained by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes at Robbins-Madanes Training).


Transforming your life

Working with you intuitively, I am able to use a unique blend of life-changing skills and experience gained from over 30 years of working with and learning about people, (and myself.)  I integrate CBT,EFTNLPTransformational Life CoachingStrategic Intervention Coaching,  to facilitate change for you as an individual and to transform your life.

Breakthrough Therapies and Coaching is built upon recommendation.  For over 22 years I have assisted many hundreds of clients transform their lives in a totally safe environment, quickly, gently and extremely effectively!  We work on a one to one basis and in a proactive and structured, but flexible and gentle way. Therapy and Transformational Life Coaching does not require re-living of traumatic issues. We work to release, rather than manage negative issues/emotions where possible, enabling clients to move back into the driver’s seat, (rather than remain in the passenger seat of their bus!)

I am based in Brighton (UK) and work with clients either face to face or Zoom, nationally and internationally.