Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching is an extremely effective tool to use in the workplace to improve performance. It is a wonderful technique that brings out the best in staff in terms of discovering hidden potential, confidence, motivation, focus, efficiency, creativity. It maximises staff performance, engenders trust, encourages loyalty, team building and empowers individuals to look for solutions by thinking outside the box.

Performance coaching raises Awareness. We can control that which we are Aware of and be empowered, but that which we are unaware of will control us.

It has been said:

If you say you can, or say you can’t, you are right!

Responsibility is also key for high performance. When we choose to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, our commitment rises and in turn our performance.

A performance coach is not a problem solver, teacher, adviser, or an expert but is a facilitator, an awareness raiser, detached, supportive, non-judgemental, interested, perceptive, a good listener and an effective questioner.

Why invest in Performance Coaching?

  • Lack inner direction?
  • Need support?
  • Need Focus?
  • Need motivation?
  • Need to raise your standards?
  • Lost interest?
  • Need Time Management skills?
  • Want Work/Life balance?
  • Want Financial freedom?
  • Need Recognition/Reward?

My commitment to you

I will offer you 100% commitment

I will support you every step of the way, keeping you focussed and on track, enhancing the skills, resources and creativity already within you.

I will have total belief in you and your ability to be, do and have whatever it is you choose.

I will have high expectations for you.

I will assist you in finding out whatever it was holding you back and moving towards and achieving your goal(s).

There are two types of goal, the Outcome goal: your destination, and the Process goal: the means of getting there (the journey) which involve a number of smaller and measurable goals along the way.

I will make a plan of action with you, and if necessary challenge and stretch you, I will enable you to move from your present state – to your desired state, have fun along the way…and turn your dreams into your reality!

Your commitment to yourself

Your willingness to give 100% commitment to our partnership and your journey to realise your magnificence and your dreams!

Jenny is an:

  • NLP Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP/Time Line Therapy/Hypnotherapy
  • Strategic Intervention Certified Coach – trained by Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes
  • Life and Performance Coach (Dip)
  • EFT (Advanced practitioner – Gary Craig)
  • CBT (Cert)

Jenny is based in Brighton and works with clients either face to face, or by phone, skype or email nationally or internationally.

If the right time is right for you to change now… please call!