What is Hypnotherapy?

If you can dream it, you can do it

The teDandelionblowing1 300x188 - Hypnotherapyrm ‘Hypnosis’ derived from a Greek word, meaning sleep, is misleading. Hypnosis is related to sleep as night is to day, and is no more like it than night is to day. Hypnosis has worn a cloak of mysticism for centuries and now needs to be removed.

As a practioner employing this tool, all we can ever do is show a client how to go over the hurdle from a normal waking or sleeping state into the peculiar state of mind known as hypnosis. We will not hypnotize the client, they will hypnotize themself. This means that those of us using suggestion wield no “power” over the client.

The practitioner (or “dream pilot”) will assist the client in achieving the trance state, similar to deep relaxation – and if the client is willing, stimulates their imagination. It is imperative the client is willing as consent is essential. At all times and in all degrees of hypnotherapy, the client has complete power of selectivity and therefore reacts only to suggestions that are reasonable and pleasing to him/her, the law of self-preservation will not let a subject accept a harmful suggestion.

The body and mind are equally suggestable and operate as a harmonious unit. Hypnotherapy affects the unconscious as well as the conscious mind and the autonomic nervous system, providing positive options to alleviate the presenting problem and activate our inner resources.