Strategic Intervention Coaching

Jenny has worked like a sculptor on me, carefully chipping away that hard, old outer stone and releasing a better, newer version of myself!  Thank you so much. D.M. Brighton

Strategic Intervention Coaching – Designed to resolve problems

Sometimes you’re confused about how you feel, and now and again you face a serious dilemma.  Strategic Intervention Coaching gets you unstuck, helping you to think creatively and energetically to find solutions.

Strategic Intervention Coaching (SI for short), is a powerful way to resolve the full range of challenges we face as human beings, which produces positive change at every level.  It’s a proven way to identify and understand habitual emotional patterns and relationship dynamics that lead to anxiety, conflict, insecurity and an inability to move forwards.

Helping you navigate tricky issues

It’s my job to skilfully navigate all sorts of tricky issues with you.  Everything from personal problems to relationship issues within couples, families, peer groups, professionally in your business or the workplace, and the wider social system we all live in, and to produce positive change at every level.

You should find the process enjoyable.  Un-picking the patterns and dynamics you’ve been trapped in is a remarkable experience, which can help you:

  • Get rid of that awful feeling of being stuck, and not knowing which way to turn
  • Clarify what you really want to achieve from your life
  • Understand what motivates you, and to feel inspired
  • Find out why you fight with the people you love
  • Go inside – to know what makes you feel happy, loved and inspired
  • Resolve unnecessary stress and improve your confidence in so many ways
  • Take a fresh set of life skills to move forwards
  • Overcome those annoying, negative automatic thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • Improve the important relationships in your life
  • Stop procrastinating and take action

It often only takes a few sessions for you to feel changes and find breakthroughs.  Everyone deserves to live the life they want.  Once you truly understand your strengths and needs,  and are open to new possibilities, life is suddenly filled with new purpose and happiness.

Strategic Intervention Coaching helps you enrich your life in all sorts of ways.  With my help you’ll experience a newly found quality of life and love, and attract the kind of positive, life-enhancing relationships you deserve.

Strategic Intervention (SI) and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

NLP works in a similar way to Strategic Intervention.  Where NLP came to focus on the neurolinguistic structures within the individual, the Strategic Approach focuses on the interactivity in relationships and the context of the person in their social group and in their life.  An SI coach can walk into any situation with any number of participants and create interactive change that shifts the patterns of numerous individuals at once.

Working with you intuitively, I also draw on a unique blend of life-changing skills such as EFT, CBT, NLP, Transformational Life Coaching, to create the change that you need in your life .