Transform Your Life: 3 Month Programme

Transform Your Life! – 3 month Programme:

Transform Your Life! – 3 month Programme is a complete programme to achieve maximum results.  You may be feeling stuck, overwhelmed, trapped, lost, buffeted about by emotional baggage.  You will have a deep desire to Breakthrough any limitations, making change and transforming your life,  resulting in feeling clarity, purpose and joy again … (from the inside-out).

You are unique!  therefore sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs, and allowing for flexibility.
Choose between **face-to-face session in Brighton or Zoom calls, nationally or internationally.


    • Being fully present in every moment of your precious life
    • Breaking through ‘stuckness’ and ‘foggy thinking’
    • Making space for clarity and new insights
    • Discovering meaning and purpose in your life
    • Moving from the passenger seat into the driver’s seat
    • Achieving your dreams, fulfilment and living your life with Joy!
    • Bonuses – see below …

Content Guidline:

Session 1 – Discovery session (2 hours)
Discover the areas in which you feel stuck, together with what really matters to you, starting with your ideal end result in mind.

Session 2 – Identifying hurdles (1 hour)
Identify the repetitive thought patterns that have been holding you back, resulting in negative feelings or behaviours. Clear space for more intuitive decision-making and creative solutions.

Session 3 – Creating Clarity (1 hour)
Pinpoint your unique needs. Explore opportunities and choices before creating your new reality.

Session 4 – Spring into Action (1 hour)
Put the wheels into motion. Use new and effective ‘tools’ to release any unwanted stress or thought patterns.

Session 5 – Moving forward (1 hour)
Start to move forward positively in your daily life. Experience clarity and calm. Feel grounded, energised and open to having fun!

Session 6 – Living your ideal Life (2 hours)
You are now back in the driver’s seat, enjoying being you. We will create an on-going, structured, yet flexible plan to continue to live your magnificent life.


  • Free initial  30 minute Discovery Session, held in person or via zoom.
  • Unlimited booster phone sessions, of up to 10 minutes each during business hours if you feel stuck or want to share a success.
  • A Focus Form to complete and email me prior to every session, enabling us to concentrate on your most important needs.
  • Free Review Session one month after the completion of your 3 month programme – to celebrate your success and plan the next steps.
  • Bonuses potentially worth £400.00
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Looking to the Future …..

You may decide to commit to a flexible programme following the completion of your Transformational Life Change Programme to keep you focused and on track to living and loving your ideal life!