Absolutely Changed my Life 🙂

7th August 2023

My sessions with Jenny Jenner have been fantastic and absolutely changed my life. I had some long standing phobias and limiting patterns that I have tried all sorts of ways to fix but have stubbornly stayed until now. Initially I saw Jenny for motorway driving which I now actually enjoy which is miraculous in itself and following that success she has been cleaning up various other problem areas and fears I had held onto from my childhood & early adulthood. All problems we have worked on have been ‘vanished’ after a couple of sessions. She has used a few different techniques on me including EFT and I have trusted her totally to use the right thing to unstick each issue. She is fun, interesting, kind and brilliant. I would advise anyone who is ready for a positive change to see Jenny. Her work with me has been invaluable and I am so appreciative of her.

Steph burnley

I've regained Confidence, Resilience & a New Lease of Life

25th February 2023

I went to see Jenny after a particularly difficult period in my life. I was carrying some negativity from my past which was causing issues that I couldn’t move on from. Having had traditional Counselling before with no benefit, I decided to try a new approach and found Jenny whilst searching in my area. I had heard about the amazing results with tapping therapy, and although a bit sceptical decided to give it a try. My confidence was also low due to the difficulties I had been through and I was suffering with increased anxiety. I liked the fact that Jenny also did life coaching and other therapies which can be combined due to your specific needs.

From the first consultation Jenny really made me feel welcome and comfortable, she listened to my needs and taught me some skills to use when things were hard. We did one tapping session that day focused on some anger I was feeling and I came home with a sense of calm and peace for the first time in months. We continued to work through the blockages I had with things week after week and my life has genuinely turned around. I feel calm, confident and strong again, but most of all have all the skills going forward to deal with anything else that comes my way.

We also included some life coaching to get me back on track and now I’m doing things for me which are important to retain that confidence and resilience I have gained. Jenny isn’t pushy about how many sessions you should have, it really all depends on you and how you feel, because she teaches you skills to be able to cope alone. I saw some friends yesterday who said I had my sparkle back and look like a weight had been lifted after months of stress and anxiety.

I can’t thank Jenny enough for her support, I’m so glad I tried the EFT technique and came to see Jenny. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling in any aspect of life or trying to deal with issues from their past. It will give you a new lease of life.

Jane Fear

From feeling Stuck to knowing I Am Enough!

11th February 2023

I have had 3 months Transformational Coaching with Jenny and this has really transformed aspects of my life. I went to see Jenny because I was going through a difficult time – I did not feel like I was enough, I did not feel fulfilled with my life/career, I had lost the excitement about life in general and I did not know where or what I wanted to be.

With a mixture of EFT and coaching, Jenny was able to help me through this existential crisis. And it was through our coaching sessions that I realized I wanted and needed to change my job – this was at the back of my mind, but I never really thought I would leave my job within the year!

Coaching with Jenny helped make that jump, move from being stuck to being excited (while obviously still a bit scared) about the future and understand that I can be whoever I want to be in life and I can choose whatever career I want. Yes, there is still some work I need to do on myself, but I now have the means to do it. With Jenny’s help, I’ve realised that life is made up of journeys rather than destinations! This helps me take the pressure off the worries of everyday life – everything we do is a step further in our journey. And, most importantly, whenever there is something not quite right in my day to day life, I have that voice telling me ‘I know I am NOT the problem, because I am enough.’

Thank you Jenny for this ‘breakthrough’ and thank you for bringing some fun to our sessions as well! I am grateful I have found you.

Petra Marcotti

Life changing, fantastic!

9th May 2022

I can honestly say that my sessions have been life changing for me. I’ve been visiting Jenny for several months now and after seeing other therapists that didn’t really work for me I came in with some level of scepticism.

But from the first session with Jenny I felt an immediate change in my mental well-being, I’ve gone from being a sometimes angry, insecure, depressed person who would often spend weekends in bed with the curtains drawn not wanting to see the light of day, to a happy and confident young man, who knows what he wants from life.

I am also more ‘present’ rather than ‘emotionally detached’, and instead of angry and depressed, am generally calm and happy! And can also have an ‘off day’ without dwelling on it.

Anyone seeking any kind of therapy/coaching help should look no further.

Thank you Jenny!!

Paul Gentry

I have moved forward massively!

19th March 2021

Jenny is deeply intuitive, very professional, wise and an expert in all she does.

The coaching and EFT sessions I have experienced with Jenny have been very helpful and moved me forward massively. I highly recommend Jenny.

Brigitte Djie - Senior Trainer for Tony Robbins