BioEnergy Healing

The Information of Health is contained in this BioEnergy…making every illness Curable

Zdenko Domancic

What is BioEnergy Healing?

BioEnergy, also known as our Life force,  Biofield, Aura, Chi, Prana, Electromagnetic field, Universal energy, contains all the information within our body’s energy field necessary to create healing. When we feel ill, either at a physical or an emotional level, we have a blockage in our energy field. Once  our energy field clears and regains balance our physical body begins the process of healing.  The original Domancic Method works with energy in a wholistic way and targets specific problem areas for healing.

BioEnergy healing practitioners are trained to work with our energy field and channel this pure energy to re-balance it for our body to take exactly what it needs to heal, therefore the BioEnergy practitioner does not use their own energy for healing. Practitioners will use both hands on and also hands off during treatment and will work either face to face with a client or heal at a distance, or work in a group setting.



Heart Arrhythmia:

I had one 4 day treatment of BioEnergy healing with Jenny which focussed on my heart, as I was experiencing it overbeating and had seen a cardiologist about it.  I was given a monitor to wear for 24 hours and also an echo-scan, but the results took a long time to come through and in the meantime I contacted Jenny.  After the 3rd day my heart normalised and I was thrilled.  This was about a month ago now, and I still have status quo.  I have seen my cardiologist again, and he has signed me off!

Jenny H,  Healer, Hove

Arthritis gone!

About a month ago I had been in great pain from Arthritis in my big toe and couldn’t walk properly for weeks.  I was desperate and told Jenny that I was going to get a Cortisol injection when she suggested I try BioEnergy healing first.  She gave me a 4 day distance treatment, (as she is in Brighton and I’m in Ireland) which lasted between 15 to 30 minutes per day.I have been pain free ever since, so thank you Jenny and BioEnergy healing!

Jan Mannerings, Co. Offaly, Ireland

Glue Ear (4yr old):

My granny’s hands are magic
I think everyone should know
She fixed my glue ear up real fast
Now the voices flow,


I can hear my teacher in my class and my family at home,
It really makes me happy that my mummy doesn’t groan,


I kept saying ‘huh?’ so I nearly had an op,
But granny fixed me up in time as it would have hurt a lot,


Thanks to my lovely granny, she’s my magic nurse,
So give her a call right away to make things all better, not worse!


Jasper (mummy helped me a bit with this poem …)

Clear Calm & Balanced!

After my BioEnergy (distance) healing with Jenny,  I am now feeling clear, calm and balanced. This has resulted in my own work taking a massive leap forward, with my own clients reaching their goals faster and better. Bio energy healing works, it is simple, effective and fast, … and with no ‘travelling’!

Brigitte Sumner – Coach and Trainer for Tony Robbins

Healing does not interfere with medication or treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Scroll down to see more success stories with BioEnergy healing in the films below.

BioEnergy Healing Sessions  – Zdenko Domancic Method

  • BioEnergy healing is safe .. for babies, the elderly, pregnant women and animals.
  • A BioEnergy healing session lasts between approximately 15 – 30 minutes each day for four consecutive days.  Each day healing builds on the previous day and claims to boost the bodies own immune system and healing powers.
  • BioEnergy healing is wholistic and also specific, healing at all levels, to include physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual pain.
  • Clients will be either sitting or standing during the session and remain fully clothed.
  • It is preferable to keep ‘to do lists’ as minimal as possible during the four days committed to healing.
  • Sessions can take place  and are just as effective working either face to face, distantly or in groups.
  • Healing effects carry on working for 10 days or so following the fourth day of treatment.
  • Jenny was trained in the original Domancic Method  

Your financial investment:

  • Since 2012 Jenny has offered  BioEnergy healing either in Brighton or distance based on minimum donations of £300.00 for the 4 day treatment.
  • Our health is priceless, therefore the financial investment by the client is based on the practitioners time, skill, experience and overheads,  and the client’s own commitment to their healing process.
  • Please  contact  me to make an appointment or for further information.
Please note:
Whilst  BioEnergy Healing has produced remarkable results, the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it.

Watch the videos below:

From wheelchair(s) to walking …

4 day group healing success stories, Los Angeles 2009 – worth the 50mins!