Absolutely Changed my Life 🙂

7th August 2023

My sessions with Jenny Jenner have been fantastic and absolutely changed my life. I had some long standing phobias and limiting patterns that I have tried all sorts of ways to fix but have stubbornly stayed until now. Initially I saw Jenny for motorway driving which I now actually enjoy which is miraculous in itself and following that success she has been cleaning up various other problem areas and fears I had held onto from my childhood & early adulthood. All problems we have worked on have been ‘vanished’ after a couple of sessions. She has used a few different techniques on me including EFT and I have trusted her totally to use the right thing to unstick each issue. She is fun, interesting, kind and brilliant. I would advise anyone who is ready for a positive change to see Jenny. Her work with me has been invaluable and I am so appreciative of her.

Steph burnley

I've regained Confidence, Resilience & a New Lease of Life

25th February 2023

I went to see Jenny after a particularly difficult period in my life. I was carrying some negativity from my past which was causing issues that I couldn’t move on from. Having had traditional Counselling before with no benefit, I decided to try a new approach and found Jenny whilst searching in my area. I had heard about the amazing results with tapping therapy, and although a bit sceptical decided to give it a try. My confidence was also low due to the difficulties I had been through and I was suffering with increased anxiety. I liked the fact that Jenny also did life coaching and other therapies which can be combined due to your specific needs.

From the first consultation Jenny really made me feel welcome and comfortable, she listened to my needs and taught me some skills to use when things were hard. We did one tapping session that day focused on some anger I was feeling and I came home with a sense of calm and peace for the first time in months. We continued to work through the blockages I had with things week after week and my life has genuinely turned around. I feel calm, confident and strong again, but most of all have all the skills going forward to deal with anything else that comes my way.

We also included some life coaching to get me back on track and now I’m doing things for me which are important to retain that confidence and resilience I have gained. Jenny isn’t pushy about how many sessions you should have, it really all depends on you and how you feel, because she teaches you skills to be able to cope alone. I saw some friends yesterday who said I had my sparkle back and look like a weight had been lifted after months of stress and anxiety.

I can’t thank Jenny enough for her support, I’m so glad I tried the EFT technique and came to see Jenny. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling in any aspect of life or trying to deal with issues from their past. It will give you a new lease of life.

Jane Fear

From feeling Stuck to knowing I Am Enough!

11th February 2023

I have had 3 months Transformational Coaching with Jenny and this has really transformed aspects of my life. I went to see Jenny because I was going through a difficult time – I did not feel like I was enough, I did not feel fulfilled with my life/career, I had lost the excitement about life in general and I did not know where or what I wanted to be.

With a mixture of EFT and coaching, Jenny was able to help me through this existential crisis. And it was through our coaching sessions that I realized I wanted and needed to change my job – this was at the back of my mind, but I never really thought I would leave my job within the year!

Coaching with Jenny helped make that jump, move from being stuck to being excited (while obviously still a bit scared) about the future and understand that I can be whoever I want to be in life and I can choose whatever career I want. Yes, there is still some work I need to do on myself, but I now have the means to do it. With Jenny’s help, I’ve realised that life is made up of journeys rather than destinations! This helps me take the pressure off the worries of everyday life – everything we do is a step further in our journey. And, most importantly, whenever there is something not quite right in my day to day life, I have that voice telling me ‘I know I am NOT the problem, because I am enough.’

Thank you Jenny for this ‘breakthrough’ and thank you for bringing some fun to our sessions as well! I am grateful I have found you.

Petra Marcotti

Life changing, fantastic!

9th May 2022

I can honestly say that my sessions have been life changing for me. I’ve been visiting Jenny for several months now and after seeing other therapists that didn’t really work for me I came in with some level of scepticism.

But from the first session with Jenny I felt an immediate change in my mental well-being, I’ve gone from being a sometimes angry, insecure, depressed person who would often spend weekends in bed with the curtains drawn not wanting to see the light of day, to a happy and confident young man, who knows what he wants from life.

I am also more ‘present’ rather than ‘emotionally detached’, and instead of angry and depressed, am generally calm and happy! And can also have an ‘off day’ without dwelling on it.

Anyone seeking any kind of therapy/coaching help should look no further.

Thank you Jenny!!

Paul Gentry

I have moved forward massively!

19th March 2021

Jenny is deeply intuitive, very professional, wise and an expert in all she does.

The coaching and EFT sessions I have experienced with Jenny have been very helpful and moved me forward massively. I highly recommend Jenny.

Brigitte Djie - Senior Trainer for Tony Robbins

Now Achieving My Full Potential!

12th December 2020

Jenny helped make sense of a lot of things going on in my life and break things down into manageable chunks! She is a kind, patient lady who has pushed me out of my comfort zone and ensures I achieve my full potential. Great working with you, Jenny!!


I'm a young adult feeling Confident again!

12th December 2020

I recently felt at a crossroads in my life especially after being made redundant from a job I loved. I didn’t feel I had anything going for me and just felt constantly low all the time. I had zero self-confidence and just generally found it hard to be positive about anything. Deciding I needed to change and get the help I needed was a big step for me to me make and I was incredibly nervous of doing so. But Jenny has been amazing and so supportive, she made me feel at ease straight away. By using the techniques and methods that Jenny taught me, she helped me overcome my barriers and gain the confidence I never thought I could have. I feel like a very different person to when I first started the therapy and I feel like I’m on the right path to a much happier life. It definitely was one the best decisions, thanks so much for everything Jenny.

Ella Brad

I now feel free to express myself without fear

12th December 2020

Jenny helped me to express, to say out loud things I never had before to anyone, and clear very old child hood emotions and trauma particularly resentment, anger, sadness, jealousy that noticeably and very positively impacted on my relationships with my parents and sister and had been an underlying cause of a serious chronic illness. Jenny creates clear boundaries and is adept at leading you where you need to go within yourself in a comfortable and supportive way.

Emma Tyson Brighton

My Heart is Singing

12th December 2020

I’ve had a 3 month transformational life change programme with Jenny as I was feeling totally overwhelmed and out of balance – I felt like headless chicken never quite finishing or achieving anything, or having time to do the things that make my heart sing. She’s facilitated an ideal work life balance, taking steps towards where I want to be both in my personal and business life. She has really listened and made achievable suggestions based on my own pace whilst holding me accountable, which is gold dust.

Frithe Johnson Brighton

Panic Attacks when motorway driving, flying or trains

8th November 2019

A traumatic birth experience triggered increasing levels of anxiety, resulting in many situations (including driving on motorways, flying and using trains) that would trigger a panic attack or at the very least, fear of one.  I avoided all of the above!

When i came to see Jenny I had only just realised how scared of life I had become.

I saw her once and she cured me.

I really wish I had gone to her before and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

V Williams Hassocks

From darkness and isolation, to Confidence and Joy

26th June 2019

When I found Jenny I was in a place of complete darkness, isolated and weak.

As English is not my first language I didn’t know how the sessions would’ve been, but Jenny’s patience and her great intuition lead me to where I am now … in a space of Confidence and Joy.

There is much more to do, but I trust this process and Jenny’s experience.


I have Transformed my Life!

30th July 2018

I contacted Jenny as I wanted to transform my life and gain more confidence, and I did (via Skype) with Jenny’s help.

I felt comfortable with Jenny from the start as she is a lovely, warm, caring person.

I resolved my issues and started to move forward in my life.

My confidence is soaring and I’m doing all the things that I was too scared to do before.

Finally, I believe in myself, and I am Happy!

I highly recommend Jenny, as working with her is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Many thanks for everything Jenny.

Sharon OCinneide

Living my life with Purpose

10th March 2018

For the last three months I have been discussing my worries and problems with Jenny.  It has been a cathartic and enlightening experience.  I didn’t know what to expect from our meetings but I have gained insight, patience and a new sense of calm.

Jenny is understanding, friendly and astute.  She has made a sensible and realistic analysis of the source of my worries and provided me with practical and achievable possibilities for solutions.

I feel more confident, happier and have new purpose in my approach to life after having had these sessions with Jenny.  It has been a thoroughly worthwhile experience.

Linsay Macrae

I Transformed my Life from Surviving to Thriving in 3 months

11th October 2017

When i first contacted Jenny, I was sad, lost, stuck and despairing.  I had researched and attempted solutions on my own for many years but felt that I wasn’t making any headway – it was so demoralising and I felt hopeless.  I couldn’t really imagine how Jenny could help ‘fix’ me, but I knew I was desperate to stop living half a life.

I signed up for the Transformational Life Coaching ‘Surviving to Thriving’ 3 month programme (via skype), when I was filled with enthusiasm and hope.  Little did I understand how beneficial that commitment would be.  When I felt emotionally low, wounded, trapped in old behaviours and just wanted to hide and numb, I still attended my sessions with Jenny and they really were transformative.  She grounded me in myself, was gentle, intuitive and kind, yet also challenging when I needed it.  She exuded faith and confidence in who I am and that I know how to move forward.  She kept me focussed when my mind took me away from my goals.  I always left our sessions feeling liberated, inspired and empowered.

My sessions with Jenny have given me many gifts.  I now love and approve of my true self and live in alignment with  my values.  I feel inwardly calm and have confidence that my life’s path is opening as it should.  I am open to new experience and opportunities, recognising them as the gifts they are.  I trust my inner wisdom and have found freedom from the never ending search for external validation.  Purpose, connection, meaning, health – the things I have been searching for, for so long, are now real in my life.

Jenny, thank you so much for opening up the world to me!


My Transformational Life Coaching Programme

5th October 2017

Following therapy to deal with some traumatic issues in my life, I felt empty, stuck, and could not move forward.

I contacted Jenny and working with her 3 month programme has re-ignited the driving life force within me, and given me the hope that the best is yet to come … and by reaching out and giving it 100% I will grab it!

Thanks Wendy

Lifelong Anxiety

17th August 2017

Jenny is down-to-earth, warm and supportive.  During my sessions with her, I felt supported and reassured enough to be able to finally let go of my anxiety.

Through the use of EFT, I now feel much stronger, more focused, and less hampered by negative and anxious thoughts.

It is such a relief to believe I am now able to move forward with a more positive outlook.

Thank you Jenny Lizzie x

Coaching for Happiness, from the inside-out

12th June 2016

Jenny started helping me when I was at a very low point, I had had therapy before but it never ‘stuck’. The combination of Emotional Freedom Technique that helped me overcome unresolved emotions due to a family bereavement, and Transformational Life Coaching on how to handle situations more elegantly meant that I am now looking forward to the future.

I set a goal at the beginning of our sessions “to be happy at home and work”. I am pleased to say that I reached that goal much earlier than I thought was possible, as I learned that the happiness I was seeking comes from within and not externally.

I’m in a great place now and have so many opportunities open to me that I would not have expected.

Thanks Jenny ….



26th April 2016

Jenny is extremely gifted coach – she helped me to bust through my limitations quicker than I could say ‘Acapulco’ – and I feel more in touch with what I have got to offer.

Una Archer Child Psychologist

Clarity with Work/Life Balance

26th January 2016

After a truly intensive 2 years with my business I ended up in a very clouded and confused state and not knowing how to move forward. Working with Jenny lifted that cloud and has given me immediate direction and focus on my year ahead.

Thank you Jenny.


Coaching for Confidence

26th April 2015

I used to be so unhappy in life with very little self confidence. After only a few sessions Jenny has given me the motivation and drive to make positive changes in my life that I needed.

I now feel great!


Phobia when travelling on trains and planes

26th March 2015

Just to say thank you so much for all your help. I came to you looking for help dealing with my phobia of being confined on trains and planes and ended up addressing that and a number of other issues which I was simply ‘managing’. I now have a raft of ‘tools’ to employ when I find myself in stressful situations.

But just as importantly, you’ve shown me how nearly all the things I feared were simply bad habits which needed breaking. One by one I’ve broken them, culminating in a flight on Friday which not only passed by without a single worry, but was genuinely enjoyable and I am already planning a flying break for Easter. I cannot begin to express the sense of freedom, confidence and most importantly calm I’m currently enjoying.

Thank you for all your help.

Nigel English Hove

Coaching for: Confusion, Indecision, Low self esteem

26th February 2015

When I first met Jenny I was completely lost. The job I loved for many years was about to come to an end after I’ve been made redundant. I didn’t know what to do with my life, what else could I do? I had some ideas floating around my head, but nothing concrete and I couldn’t focus. I felt confused, stuck, stressed and my confidence was very low. In only two coaching sessions Jenny helped me identify my priorities, focus on my objectives and how to achieve them and she restored my confidence.

Now I feel strong, I know what I want and what I need to do to get it. And I will be always extremely grateful to Jenny for that.


From Cocaine Addiction to Life Coaching

1st December 2014

I first saw Jenny in April 2014 after struggling to beat cocaine addiction which had taken hold for a couple of years. It is eight months now since our first meeting and with Jenny’s help I have beaten this addiction and life is good.

We now meet once monthly, the ‘therapeutic’ relationship has changed and Jenny is now my Life Coach.

I find our meetings give me the necessary time to reflect on my life, business and family.

Together, we formulate targets moving forward, and look at targets achieved. Although I found Jenny when looking to cure my addiction, I find the Life Coaching experience very helpful and would recommend it to anyone, especially those who have a hectic life-style and find it hard to find time to reflect!


Severe Depression and Eating disorder GONE!

1st June 2014

Jenny Jenner was recommended to me as a person who can help resolve peoples problems!

I had an obvious binge eating disorder compounded with other physiological health problems, backed up by psychological issues, which included depression and anxiety. My problems started a long time ago, however reached breaking point following an exceptionally nasty relationship break-up.

Jenny has most definitely led me from the darkness to the light. I am now in the light and the darkness has gone, forever. Jenny has helped me to move forward and change my life in a way that I finally feel empowered and also confident to be the person that I only ever dreamed I could be … in the past.

Thank you Jenny for emotionally saving my life. I recommend that everyone seeks therapy, and due to my new positive life attitude, the direction of my life has positively changed for the better. The pressure has lifted!

… I am starting to control foods and have also lost a sensible amount of weight within the sensible guidelines and now have the confidence to meet new people!

DGU = Don’t give up!

Keith S

Coaching for Work-Life Balance

26th May 2014

I decided to seek Jenny’s expertise when a change at work threatened my job. This acute stress came on the back of a daily struggle trying to juggle a difficult career as a hospital consultant, and being a mother to two young children. Within the first session I had made major progress and using various techniques that Jenny advised, I was able to deal with my stress much more easily. Within a month I had adapted my work to gain more control, and I was much calmer at home with my children. I now find that I am sleeping better and I know where I am heading and how I will get there. The most rewarding aspect has been my relationship with my elder son. As I am less stressed and snappy, he is also much calmer and our relationship is much more positive and we are both much happier.

I can’t thank Jenny enough for how much she has helped me move forward in such a short space of time. I just wish I’d contacted her sooner!

Hospital Consultant East Sussex

Fear of Failure

26th November 2013

I first went to see Jenny after a recent break up from a long term partner with all the trappings of low confidence, anger, loneliness and failure. This was compounded by failure in an exam that I needed to pass in order to move on in my career. Twice since the relationship breakdown I had failed the exam and a failure and lost was how I felt, in life love and work.

I contacted Jenny aiming to start NLP to help with my exam. But her immediate messages of support and acceptance meant that we explored the FEAR of failure which was holding me back. We met for the first time one rainy day and it was like a burden had been lifted. We explored where my fear came from, and where I wanted to be. We tackled the fear with differing techniques … accepting myself and moving meditation were key. I learnt that not being perfect is ok, that we all make mistakes, it is how we learn and grow. I was able to overcome my fear to love and accept myself in a way that I never had before.

I passed the exam but what I gained by meeting Jenny and going through the previous ‘failures’ has taught me so much more about myself.

I am pleased to say that I wouldn’t want to be anyone else and completely accept myself- I can see Jenny smiling as I write this!

Thank you Jenny words cannot describe my gratitude as to how you have helped me. I now accept and enjoy being myself which is something you have enabled me to do.

Big hugs, smiles and love always



26th October 2013

A few months after stopping my prescribed anxiety medication (which I had used for two years) I could feel all the original anxiety and frustrations creeping back in, so this time I turned to therapy instead. In just a few sessions Jenny taught me several very effective techniques that with practice have reduced my anxiety significantly – Jenny’s methods have been far more effective and long lasting than the medication I was on, which stopped working as soon as I stopped taking it. Thank you very much Jenny!!


Death of my son, Anxiety and Guilt:

26th May 2013

Death, Divorce and moving house, the 3 top stress generators they reckon! I did all 3 in the space of 18 months… AND had an affair into the mix!

After my 22 year old son lost his battle with Leukaemia five years ago, I found myself emotionally cast adrift and without purpose, constant anxiety, sadness and guilt were my companions, I found it hard to operate my business as indecision, lack of motivation and procrastination had become my bedfellows.

I visited a couple of counsellors, but, although talking about it was something that I did well, I really didn’t find myself ‘making sense of it all’ and just wanted rid of the feelings.

After a few sessions with Jenny and some seemingly odd tapping EFT therapy, I am shocked at how quickly those feelings have settled and are now not troubling me, a few more sessions and I am no longer looking for them and waiting for them to come and overwhelm me again. I was unhappy and sad much of the time and feeling like I could never feel fulfilled, now I am looking forward more often and life has more meaning again.


Ongoing Anxiety

26th May 2013

I want to say a massive thank you! for helping me through my anxiety. I had been suffering with it for years but the past 8 months have been so difficult. I went to see Jenny and now after a few sessions I am back to my happy self. Thank you so much for all your help!

Dan Harley CEO Brighton

Coaching from the Inside-Out

26th October 2012

Jenny really goes to the heart of the challenge and uses her many skills to get the result, she has a way that is clear and fast.I’d recommend Jenny anytime if you want results in your business or personal life.

Brigitte Sumner Coach Trainer for Tony Robbins

Lost my way:

22nd March 2012

Jenny, thank you so much for holding the space for me to do some soul searching, and for all your support over the last few months, it has made a huge difference to my life. Previously my life felt chaotic and out of control, and now I really feel that with your help I am able to move forward with clarity.

I finally feel that the life I am living is mine! and not something that is being buffeted about by old emotional baggage or by other people offloading their emotional issues onto me.

You have helped me gain a much clearer picture of who I am and what I want, and need from life.

With love …..


Stuckness, Confusion and Depression

26th June 2011

When I first arrived at Jenny’s I was at a difficult and anxious part of my life. Recent and very stressful work-related pressures coinciding with a loss of confidence and mixed in with some long-standing personal baggage including the death of my estranged father several years ago had left me somewhat directionless and depressed.

In what continued to be a difficult year on all fronts, Jenny gently and very patiently guided me out of a lot of darkness and confusion and helped me replace it with certainty, safety, direction and confidence.

This has been no mean feat for me, and my fullest gratitude is given to Jenny to have helped me reach this point. I have told Jenny I think she has worked like a sculptor on me, slowly and carefully chipping away that hard, old outer stone and releasing a better, newer version of myself! It’s a work still in progress, but I am full of respect for the patient and genuine care she has shown. Thank you so much.


Anxiety and Relationship Issues:

26th May 2011

I had been looking for some help for a while for anxiety and relationship issues, but wasn’t sure where to start. I came across Jenny’s site and immediately had a good feeling about it. We had a chat and she put me at ease straight away.

Jenny has a lot of empathy and always focused on my needs. She used a number of different techniques throughout our sessions, taking a truly holistic approach. I have been amazed by the huge changes that have taken place as I now feel so much better and positive about the future. I would highly recommend Jenny as a fantastic therapist and coach, the work I have done with her has changed me, and transformed my life!



26th December 2010

I would like to thank you deeply for all your help and for arming me with some great tools that I will carry with me now for the rest of my life. I am feeling good lately and believe all will be well now.

Once again thank you so very very much for your help and I hope you keep helping people like me for a long time to come.


Father fearful for Teenage sons

26th November 2010

When I first went to see Jenny I was feeling distraught with worry and stress about my two teenage sons behaviour, fearful for their future and felt very alone, even though I have a partner and two young children with her. I was taking anti-depressants during the day and sleeping pills at night.

I was given strategies which enabled me to turn my own life around, which in turn have helped my sons and family as a whole to become a happy unit once again.

After four sessions I am feeling so much better and have been able to stop taking medication!

Thank you Jenny for your very valuable help.


Panic Attacks

26th September 2010

I had been suffering with work related stress for a period of time when quite unexpectedly I experienced severe chest pains and ended up in hospital having an ECG.

I realised that I needed to look at the way I managed my job and the approach I took to work, and life in general had to change.

I found the sessions with Jenny very easy going and relaxing in a very pleasant, bright and comfortable environment … in fact time flew by far too quickly.

After the second session I could see that it was having a positive effect on me, I felt that I was starting to look in side myself and understand how I tick.

The tools that Jenny has provided me with are easy to use and have proved to be very effective at getting me through a very challenging period. I can now use these tools to benefit me in the future giving me the confidence I had been lacking for far too long.

I have no hesitation in recommending this treatment to others and I thank Jenny enormously for helping me to get back on track, and in a far better position than I was just 2 months ago!


Dermatillomania (skin picking)

26th December 2009

I have found Jenny’s tuition invaluable in helping me deal with Dermatillomania. Her pragmatic approach and friendly advice helped me forge a new positive path away from all the old negative patterns. The Emotional Freedom Techniques she taught me, amongst others have helped me work towards banishing old thought processes and open my mind to the good stuff that is out there. There is a lot of work to do still, but Jenny has helped me lay some important foundations towards moving on.


Fear of flying and other things

26th October 2009

Originally I went to Jenny for help with my fear of flying as I had an imminent long distance flight booked. I had previously attended a fear of flying course and hypnotherapy, although they helped a little, I still found myself in a considerable amount of distress.

Jenny she asked me to put together a timeline of events that I felt I needed to deal with, which at the time seemed strange to me, but soon became very relevant. The first time I saw Jenny I felt very refreshed as there was a sense of offloading many troubles that had been haunting me. After seeing her a couple of times she told me that she needed to ‘talk to my unconscious’.

Although sceptical about this, after several visits to Jenny I felt relieved and refreshed as if someone had lifted a great weight from my shoulders. I feel that this was partly due to Jenny’s manner and approach to the situations, which was realistic and enlightening. Her understanding of my feelings were picked up on and understood to the point where I continued to see her about other issues.

I now feel that I have been given a fresh emotional start and was able to fly on my holiday with excitement, rather than terror. The best analogy I can use for this is that the slate has been wiped and I can rebuild a more positive future.

I feel so thankful and trusting in Jenny’s abilities that I have happily placed my daughter in her care, and I would also have no hesitations in recommending her to anyone that was in the same need that I was.

Thank you Jenny for giving me a wonderful holiday and new fresh start.

With lots of love xx


Acute anxiety (Young Adult)

26th June 2009

From March to June, I had been suffering from acute anxiety, and by the time I had started sessions in late April, I thought I had completely passed the point of no return. I was adamant that I was destined to feel like this until I die, be it through old age or through my anxiety (by then causing me depression), making me do something stupid.

However I started to feel FAR better after just one session, and session after session I felt better and better, and although there were a few setbacks due to exam stresses (Yes, I’m only 18), overall I recovered FAR faster than I could ever have wished for. After just 7 sessions, I was absolutely fine! In fact, I’m better now than I was before the anxiety at all! Without the techniques Jenny taught me, I would never have had any hope, let alone recovery.

The techniques are also helpful not just with anxiety, but with stress overall, and help you relax immeasurably. If you suffer from anything similar, I URGE you to go and see Jenny. It was absolutely flawless.


Panic attacks, anxiety etc… (Young Adult)

26th May 2009

At the beginning of my second year in University I lost all of my confidence. At first, this meant I just felt unusually shy around people, nervous in lectures and worried about the growing work load. As these feelings increased I totally reverted into myself, scared of why I might be feeling like this and worrying that I might be loosing it completely! This fear of losing my mind only made the feelings intensify. I started having panic attacks, so chose to stay in and miss lectures rather than having to face the anxiety that magnified the minute I stepped outside my front door. I was ready to quit Uni.

Telling my mum about it marked a turning point. We decided together that instead of quitting I should seek professional support. I needed someone who could help me put things into perspective and remind me that life isn’t actually so scary, but something to be enjoyed!

That help came from Jenny, and not a moment too soon! She gently challenged my negative thinking, turning all those niggling What if, what ifs? into So what’s!

I’m at the end of my second year now and stood in front of a room to give a presentation yesterday! Amazing! and… I’m now actually quite looking forward to my 3rd year! I have my confidence back!

Thank you so much Jenny!



26th September 2008

It was the middle of May, I was depressed and summer was on its way. I could see no reason to hang on in and wait for this season to arrive. My life was in such a state of turmoil and depression I could see no way forward. My love life was over and subsequently I have let my finances go to ruin. I was in free fall and had no desire to stop falling, there was nothing to hang on for and I had no desire to stop. The further I fell the happier I was. I was desperate and could see no way forward. I loved others but not myself, I had no self belief.

I was advised by a colleague, to seek the help and services of Jenny Jenner. I believed there was no point, how wrong I was. On my first visit I was still a complete sceptic. Then after a very short time, things began to change, things began to make some sense. Now after further visits, my life has a purpose and I am moving forward.

I thank Jenny for helping me to find myself.


(diagnosed ADHD)

26th September 2008

Our 12 year old adopted son had been given the worse possible start before we adopted him when he was seven. Social services warned us that we might not be able to cope with his problems which were caused by 6 years of neglect and abuse.

They were right and we went though hell with aggressive defiance at home and continuous problems at school. He was thrown out of 2 schools and on the verge of being expelled from a third.

None of the therapists we met had any effect and only when he was on extreme drug regimes did he calm down. We were on the point of giving up when we met Jenny. She pointed out that reinforcing failure or reverting back to a bad childhood does not motivate. Jenny worked on our son’s positive aspects and taught him self control. I can honestly say that Jenny was the solution we believed did not exist. TC Brighton.



26th May 2008

I sought coaching from Jenny about 3 months ago and during this time she has completely turned my life around.

I had stuckness issues for many years, but Jenny has now given me the tools to challenge these and resolve them.

I now feel confident that not one problem is ever too great to overcome, and armed with the knowledge that I have gained from her,things are so much better in my life and the lives of everyone in my family.

My life is so different now that it is hard to imagine the hole that I was in, Jenny helped me to change that and I am so lucky.

There is little else to say other than:

“What a difference a 45 minute call makes!”

Thank you Jenny so very much for your generosity of spirit, all your kindness and great coaching ability, I feel very lucky that you came along when you did.


Actively Suicidal

26th April 2008

What can I say? After 7 weeks of sessions with Jenny, I am still alive! After almost 5 years of treatment in the mainstream, I was actively suicidal.

As a professional person I worked hard. Long hours, too little sleep, no time for myself etc. Severe depression hit me with a vengeance. I worked my way through a catalogue of anti-depressants all of which were sure to make me feel better and help me to cope. They didn t. The side-effects were unacceptable. I still felt lost, low, without hope for the future.

Following 2 assessments I just gave up any miniscule grains of hope that may have been lingering. On both occasions I was refused therapy on the grounds that I was considered to be too vulnerable, that such treatment might well do more harm than good The most memorable statement from my years of being helped was from a psychiatrist: You must go away and help yourself before we can help you. Need I say more.

As a direct result I took active steps to wind-down my life in preparation for the final end. I had no way of coping with each moment, each day, and was terrified of the next week month. I stopped all medication, reduced food intake and severed contact with an extremely good and supportive community psychiatric nurse, I was ready to die. I knew no ways of helping myself. I had fallen off the bicycle of life and needed someone to pick me up, put me back on and support me whilst showing me how to regain my balance. I couldn t do this alone. I needed practical help in the way of coping strategies.

In January 2008, following another suicide attempt, my son contacted Jenny via her website. I have been seeing her for initially 3 times per week and then twice weekly since. From the 1st session I was given practical coping strategies to include re-learning how to smile, meditation, and hope, amongst others.

It has not been an easy ride. I still struggle . there have been days when the darkness begins to close in again. But and this is a huge BUT, there is an almighty difference Jenny has given me ways of finding the Light. Using the various techniques and tools she has given me I have slowly begun to take up the reins of my life again I am driving my bus! Jenny has helped me realise I have the ability to make choices, the most important being that I don t have to live in the darkness, nor do I have to end my life to escape.

As I write this, I am sitting looking out at the April snow, hearing the birds twittering as they eat the food I put out earlier, thinking of my visiting squirrel tucked up warmly in his house.

Tomorrow is Monday and I can face it. I can LIVE .

Thank you Jenny


Lost my way, resulting in self-harm

26th November 2007

Following my therapy with Jenny during a period of my life when I lost my way, I now feel ready to close this chapter. I have moved on a great deal from someone who felt the need to take cocaine in social circles ‘just to fit in’.

My severe lows during this period were when I self harmed & actually started to enjoy it – I now know that this was a period of life that I never ever want to revisit. I have learned, with Jenny’s help to manage my emotions in different ways and now understand how my thoughts, emotions and behaviour interlink and how it is possible to break the vicious circle.

As a result my relationships around me have improved. I now feel a lot more relaxed in my personal relationship due to my new learning’s.

I have been in social circles now where cocaine has been around and I’m totally in the mind set that I will never ever touch it again, I am now actually very afraid of it.

In addition to this I have also experienced improvements in other relationships in particular my mum and sister. It is possible that some of the break down in these relationships were partially to do with me not mentally ‘being there’ and being somewhere else. I have recently been on holiday with my family and without my partner which I would have previously found very difficult to do as I would have been paranoid to leave him. My trust has improved as a result.

I have learnt so much from this journey and in a strange way I’m pleased that I have been through this experience as I feel like I have really challenged myself in all areas of my life.

It’s strange as my usual Saturdays (I know this sounds shallow!!) would be spent going to have a facial when really I probably should have been investing this time and money in my deeper self rather than just on the surface..Its all a learning curve I guess!!

I am now excited about pushing my boundaries even further and making sure that I get the best & most out of my life instead life taking it out of me!!.


Anger & Confidence issues

21st June 2007

Dear Jenny,

I would like to thank you totally and sincerely for all the help you gave me in the few sessions I came to see you. You have helped me to gain self confidence and taught me about controlling my anger. To be honest, coming to see you was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. I am now able to see a much brighter future. My children are happier and although we are not fully back together my wife and I are getting along better than we have in years. We still have a way to go but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. I am happier, fitter and more confident than I can ever remember.

I just want to say a big thank you. You have been such a help to me and may you go on helping others for many years to come.

Nice one Jenny!.


Anxiety and Depression

26th August 2006

When I first started therapy with Jenny I had suffered years of anxiety and illogical fears, often bringing on depression. I didn’t want to see a psychiatrist or traditional counsellor this time, as I had previously tried this, with very little success.

My visits to Jenny have helped me in a way that I believe, more conventional psychotherapy would not have been able to. The feeling I have derived from the sessions is that I have simply been thinking in such a negative fashion since my childhood years and that I had previously not been able to lift myself out of that mindset. I did not know how to stop my thoughts and fears from spiralling out of control, leaving me feeling tense, fearful and depressed.

The techniques (to include NLP, CBT and EFT) that Jenny has taught me to use for myself have already made an appreciable difference to the way I now handle situations that, previously, would have left me feeling desperate for long periods of time.

I have already made a great difference and am looking forward, and excited to make further improvements to my life in the future.


PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

26th June 2006

I have I have been seeing Jenny at my Dr’s surgery for CBT for a while now and since the first moment I met her, she made me feel completely relaxed.

I felt at ease and able to open up to her in a way that I didn’t know existed. well, not for me!

Over the weeks, with each and every session, I have found myself talking about feelings and fears that have been suppressed for years.

With Jenny’s calm, yet energetic approach to our sessions she has helped me to remember that I am a person with feelings, but most importantly the self-worth and self-belief that a few months ago I wasn’t aware existed in me.

I have been able to close doors on the past, I will never forget it, but Jenny has helped me to realise that I don’t need to in order to progress with my life, but I have now started to come to terms with it and turn the bad things into positive learnings that will help me to continue to fill my happy home.

I am sure without Jenny there each week at this stage of my life I would never have been able to get up and smile each day.

My life is not quite where I want it to be, but I’m learning that no-ones really is. Everyday is different, a fresh challenge that I will meet, I’m in control and although the thought of going it alone scares me slightly, I’m also looking forward to it.

I would love to be able to bump into Jenny in a year’s time and tell her that I have taken pride in sitting in my driver’s seat, that I have learned to love, trust and even hug people. but I know that by the time I walk out of the door on that last session, she will have somehow put all that into me, and one day without me even knowing it, I will put it into practice!

Jenny has completely changed my outlook on life, suddenly there is so much more to it. I’m still putting the pieces of the jigsaw back together, but this time I feel like there won’t be any bits missing –

I can’t thank you enough Jenny! xxx.



12th March 2006

Dear Jenny,

Just a little note to say ‘thank you’ so much for all your help over the last couple of months.

I am feeling a lot stronger and better than I was, and I have you to thank for that! You’re a fantastic therapist.