Work-Life Balance Coaching

Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem, we all have 24-hour days -Zig Ziglar

I specialise in helping busy professionals, such as health and medical professions who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and heading for burnout … to stop fighting against time, and start to appreciate and even enjoy it, to achieve their ideal Work/Life Balance, reclaim their love for life and work … and enjoy living life as a ‘human being’, rather than a ‘human doing‘ once again 🙂 

Are you tired of feeling exhausted, stressed and irritable? spinning plates 1 150x150 - Work-Life Balance Coaching
Do you resent life rather than enjoy it?
Does spinning more plates really mean you can have it all?
Or are you turning into a human doing … instead of a human being? (Scroll to bottom of page for Coaching Programmes)…

A fulfilled life – what does it mean?

Both work and home life can be hectic at times.Fulfillment 150x150 - Work-Life Balance Coaching
So how do you know when the situation is out of control?
Putting in extra hours should be the exception, not the norm. And if you’re still not making a dent in your workload, something’s wrong. The demands of work and home life too often interfere with one another. The wonders of modern technology may mean you’re contactable 24/7, making it even harder to switch off at home.

Signs that all is not well include:

  • Constantly feeling burnt-out and having trouble sleeping
  • Making mistakes at work and feeling anxious about your performance
  • Failing relationships due to family and friends feeling neglected
  • Feeling exhausted, no time or energy to exercise, or have fun!

What’s the solution?

Regaining control and fulfilment of your life is within your power. For over 17 years I’ve coached busy professionals, like you, to resolve an urgent human need … or six 🙂 and find a rewarding work-life balance. I draw on a unique blend of life-changing skills such as CBT,EFTNLPTransformational Life Coaching and Strategic Intervention Coaching  to clarify your priorities.  I then help you re-connect the dots between work and play to become more productive in every area of your life, enabling you to  leave feeling grounded, calmer, energised and most importantly starting to appreciate and enjoy each day as you are feeling much more relaxed.

To Master the Art of Work-Life Balance, see two programmes I am offering below…

Testimonial From A Medical Consultant

I decided to seek Jenny’s expertise when a change at work threatened my job. This acute stress came on the back of a daily struggle trying to juggle a difficult career as a hospital consultant, and being a mother to two young children.   Within the first session I had made major progress and using various techniques that Jenny advised, I was able to deal with my stress much more easily.  Within a month I had adapted my work to gain more control, and I was much calmer at home with my children.  I now find that I am sleeping better and I know where I am heading and how I will get there. The most rewarding aspect has been my relationship with my elder son.  As I am less stressed and snappy, he is also much calmer and our relationship is much more positive and we are both much happier.

I can’t thank Jenny enough for how much she has helped me move forward in such a short space of time. I just wish I’d contacted her sooner!

Hospital Consultant, East Sussex – May 2014

Work-life Balance Coaching Programmes