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How to achieve a healthy Work-Life Balance

I see many clients who work just tooo much, and for what reward? A particular client sticks in my mind as the very first thing she did every morning was check her emails. For lunch, on most days she’d have a quick, and probably unhealthy snack at her desk, and then stay in the office until 7pm. She rarely saw her partner and two young children. Does she sound like you?

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5 Areas you may benefit from working with a Life Coach

Life isn’t easy, and if it was we’d probably be bored. We all face struggles and challenges in our day to day life and as we mature we learn to cope with these challenges and pitfalls using a range of different strategies. But sometime our coping strategies can be disruptive to our wellbeing too. If you have ever felt like you’ve needed some guidance in your life, but not sure if you’re ready, here are 5 areas where you may benefit from Life Coaching.

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