The Six Human Needs – Are You on Track?

Every human being is different.  But we’re also similar in fundamental ways.  We all have Six core Human Needs, and without fulfilling these needs in a positive way we will never feel 100% happy or fulfilled.

Here they are:

      1. CERTAINTY
        As humans, we like to feel we’re in control.  We thrive on knowing what comes next. At the most basic level, we all want comfort, and we all prefer to avoid pain and stress.  We also appreciate the certainty that we’ll feel pleasure.  Certainty is a key survival mechanism and directly affects the amount of risk we take, whether it’s at work or in our personal lives.  The more we demand certainty, the fewer risks we’re happy to take.  And its important to get the balance ‘right’.
        It’s the direct opposite of certainty.  But humans also thrive on a level of uncertainty. Most of us enjoy nice surprises, but we don’t appreciate nasty shocks.  On the other hand we still need ‘problems’ to push against, to contrast against the good stuff, to give us the mental muscle we need to grow our characters.  Variety is, after all, the spice of life.
        Every human being enjoys feeling important, special, unique and needed. We get our significance fix in all sorts of ways, negative or positive, everything from earning fortunes to academic success, gathering thousands of ‘friends’ on social media to high levels of domestic excellence and profound spiritual awakenings.  You could spend loads or be famously frugal.  You could become a world expert in your subject, whatever it may be.  They’re all ways to make yourself feel significant.
      4. LOVE and CONNECTION
        Love is the oxygen of life.  Everyone responds positively to receiving love. By the same token the loss of love can crush us, and many of us will do almost anything to hang onto it, even if it means the love is so finely spread it’s actually no more than a connection.A sense of connection comes through love, but we can also feel a sense of powerful connection through intimacy, friendship, religion, spirituality, the companionship of a pet or simply walking in nature.
      5. GROWTH
        Now for probably the most important and rarest human needs.  The first of these is Growth.  We need to grow because it means we have more of value to give to others.  When you’re not growing, your’e stagnating.  Whether it’s yourself, your relationships, your work or business, without growth nothing feels right:  you can be rich, have hundreds of friends and be loved by the people you care most about, but real fulfilment will elude you.
        Last but not least is Contribution.  It’s vital because the secret to living a wonderful life is giving.  We spread good news instinctively, we share experiences with those we love.  And sharing enhances everything we experience.  In order to share, we need to contribute.Put another way, human life involves creating meaning, which comes from what you give rather than what you receive.  This means that what you contribute and who you become are vitally important.

What about You?
Take a look at the list.  Is your life lacking in any of these key six areas?  If so, I can help you with the Transformational Change you need to achieve real fulfilment and happiness … from the inside-out.  Feel free to get in touch for a free and informal chat about the possibilities available to you now.