What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & how can it help me?

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is a type of psychotherapy that focuses in on the how we think about things and how this governs how we feel about them and what we do about them.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

CBT can help relieve depression, anxiety and other mental health problems as well as increasing self-esteem.  CBT holds the basic concept that the way we feel is based on our cognitions, or our thoughts, and this affects how we behave.  CBT has been proved to be effective in hundreds of clinical trials and is a well-respected form of therapy.

How can CBT help me?

We all have what is known as cognitive distortions, the negative ways we think which are not helpful to how we live our lives. Examples of this are “all-or-nothing” thinkings, when we see things in absolute black and white. For example ‘you’ve ruined the whole day’ and ‘he can do nothing wrong’. Another cognitive distortion is overgeneralising, seeing one negative event as indicating all future defeat. We all have moments where we think as a fortune-teller, predicting ahead that people will react negatively to us without any evidence to back this up. Similarly, we act as mind reader, when we assume people are reacting and thinking badly of us. The most common problem with how we often think is when we make ‘should’ statements: when we criticise ourselves and other people with ‘shoulds’, ‘musts’ and ‘oughts’.

The way we think has a huge impact on our emotional wellbeing. For example, thinking other people have a negative judgement on us will most likely make us feel depressed, irritated and insecure. This will affect the way we behave, perhaps being withdrawn and unsociable.

When we recognise the negative ways we think and how this affects our feelings and behaviour we can then work to changing our thought processes and our distorted self-beliefs which are ultimately unhelpful for ourselves to function adequately by challenging them.

Whilst engaging in cognitive behavioural therapy, as your therapist working with you to reach your goals, we will explore and map out your story. Through this we will identify your inner beliefs and the negative cycles that have created the situation and behaviours that you feel are becoming problematic in your life.

So how is CBT different to other forms of therapy?

It is different from other types of therapy as it is largely solution-focused and can get results in a limited timeframe.  It gives people the skills to be able to identify their negative thought processes and ultimately be able to alter their mood and behaviours.  This allows patients to become their own therapists and continue to improve their emotional wellbeing long after their therapy sessions end.

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