How to achieve a healthy Work-Life Balance

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How to achieve a healthy Work-Life Balance

How to achieve a healthy Work-Life Balance

I see many clients who work just tooo much, and for what reward?  A particular client sticks in my mind as the very first thing she did every morning was check her emails.  For lunch, on most days she’d have a quick, and probably unhealthy snack at her desk, and then stay in the office until 7pm.  She rarely saw her partner and two young children.  Does she sound like you?

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is crucial if you want to avoid burn-out and overwhelm.

These days, people simply push themselves to do much too much, and consequently their relationships suffer.  It’s wonderful to be passionate about your work – up to a point, but it isn’t wonderful when passion for your career adversely affects your family life.

In some cases, people become obsessed with work because something else in their life is missing and they use their work as an escape. This can become a vicious circle, as the more you throw yourself into work at the expense of your relationship, the more that relationship suffers.

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is about finding a happy medium.  When you’re at work, you can give it 100%, and leave it behind when you go home.  Home equals guilt-free time with family and/or friends, or whatever it is that you love, but it is certainly not the time to be checking your phone constantly for emails….

This takes me back to my client whose relationship and health were suffering due to long hours at work. Together, we adjusted and met her most important needs in a healthy and satisfying way.

If your work-life balance is out of kilter, I can help you find your own solutions.  People generally find that they are’nt living in alignment with what is ultimately so important and meaningful to them in their lives.  When people are feeling burnt out, sometimes teachers forget how important ‘learning’ is to them, or doctors may forget how important ‘health’ is to them, and ‘fun’ doesn’t often get a mention!

I work individually and intuitively with each client, using a broad and powerful range of extremely effective methods to help transform their lives, as life definitely isn’t a case of ‘one size fits all’.
These methods include CBT, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP, (Neurolinguistic Programming), Transformational Life Coaching and Strategic Intervention Coaching.


There are two packages available for people who realise they have a problem with a healthy work-life balance. There’s a Fast-Track Programme for people who want to make immediate change, and a three-month  “From Surviving to Thriving Programme” for people who prefer a slower pace.

I don’t see my workaholic client anymore as her life is now back on track.
If you’d like me to help you overcome similar issues, I look forward to speaking with you soon …